Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bali Traffic

I have been visiting Bali since 1974 and have seen the roads on Bali get busier and busier and finally they are too the point where at certain times of the day the are at a virtual stand still. What are the Balinese going to do about this? When will it reach a tipping point that the horrible traffic especially during June-August just turns tourist off so they will quit coming. My advice for tourist to Bali is plan your outings by avoiding rush hour times. Saturday and Sunday traffic is better. Find a home base in Bali and enjoy the local tourist sites at your home base. The magic of Bali is still there but it's better to plan wisely, not travel too much around the island. Concentrate on the massages, spas, culture and beaches if your at the beach. You will enjoy your holiday more if you stay put mostly in one place....

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