My Guidebook to Bali

For years I have welcomed friends to my house in Bali and shown them around the island. From an early morning drive to watch the sunrise over a crater lake or a full moon cruise to a far away temple festival, I have explored the island with my friends. My book is a result of years of these outings. I first wrote it for my friends who were going to be in Bali when I wasn't there and then I gave the book to tourists who booked tours with me to Bali. This guide is a result of my love for Bali. I wanted my friends to experience the best of Bali and at the same time learn about the culture so that they may have the same respect for Bali that I have.
Now for the first time it is being sold to the general public. Here are a couple of letters of thanks I have received from some clients who have read my book.

"Thanks, Jim for book! It helped make our trip to Bali a wonderful experience. Your suggested outings were easy to follow and helped me and my husband to make the most of our limited time in Bali."Ann and Ken Holden - Tampa Florida

"Jim, thanks for your help with my trip to Bali! It wouldn't have been the same without your book to get me through. I'll tell my friends!"Paul Sibley - Los Angeles

"This is by far the best guidebook available if you want to be taken by the hand and shown around the island of Bali. Because of the author’s experience the book also provides insights into the people of Bali - their unique lifestyle, religion, customs and beliefs. All the restaurant and hotel information is absolutely up to date and the photos of dancers and scenes from Bali are worth the price of the book alone."Kyle Lehecka, CA School Teacher

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Going to Bali is an experience that will live with you forever. Bali is a magical island that is filled with beautiful scenery and blessed with harmonious people.

Please feel free to view Photos from my last visit.
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