Friday, June 15, 2012

Leading Hindu figures voice world peace in Bali

Denpasar: Around 200 influential Hindu figures from 15 countries are currently attending the World Hindu Summit 2012 in Wiswa Sabha, Denpasar, from June 9 to 12.

Among the leaders are Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from Art of Living Foundation India, Muni Amrender, founder and chairman of Universal Ahimsa Foundation USA, and Swami Bajranand, president of Bharatiya Sanskriti Suraksha.

Other participants come from countries including India, Malaysia, Nepal, Belgium, Germany and the US.

“The summit is expected to achieve one vision and mission towards the Bali Charter, recommend and appoint the
committee taking guidance, coaching and leading until they can set up a strong World Hindu Organization,” chairman of the World Hindu Summit 2012 Committee, K.G. Dharma Putra, said during the opening ceremony on Saturday.

The Bali Charter was expected to be issued and signed during the Monday session bringing hope to achieving world peace and harmony through the fundamental Hindu message: Satwan (truth), Sivan (wisdom) and Sundaram (beauty). During the meeting, delegates discussed the importance of Hinduism in the world.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said the Indonesian government and the Bali provincial administration fully supported the summit.

“The summit echoes the hopes of a restless world and will strengthen love and compassion to all human beings all over the world,” the governor said.

Pastika said that Bali had to be proud of its legacy and the heritage of its ancestors — Hinduism.

“The Balinese have been faithfully practicing Hinduism and we are very proud of becoming the jewel of the nusantara [archipelago].”

Hinduism, he said, was a universal belief that could lead people to peace, harmony and tolerance.;postID=1133382329337471880

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