Beginning Indonesian Language Guide

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language)

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Indonesia is united more than anything else, by its common language. The millions of people who live on the nations many thousands of islands, each with its own local language or dialect are able to communicate effectively using their national Bahasa. As a traveller, being able to speak a few words of Indonesian will assist you in your endevours to get around, and will certainly endear you to the local people you meet.

Often the greeting "Apa Kabar" (How are you?) will be used as well. The normal response would be "Baik baik Saja, terima kasih" I’m just fine thank you.

Take a look at our lists of words and phrases to get started (carry a phrase book while you travel). You will find it relatively easy, as words and letters in the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) are written using the same Roman characters as English.
Our guide lists translations for some common words and phrases that may be useful to the visitor in Indonesia.

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