Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bali Arts Festival

An expected 15,000 local and international artists will participate in a one-month Bali Arts Festival from June 11 through July 7.

Ketut Suastika, the head of Bali Cultural Office, told the Bali Daily on Wednesday that the 34th annual Bali Arts Festival, which will be opened by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, will display 300 traditional and contemporary art performances at the Arts Center.

“A number of foreign art troupes from 12 countries have confirmed their participation in the upcoming festival,” said Suastika.

Among the participating countries are the US, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Malaysia and Japan.

This year’s Bali Arts Festival will carry the theme of “Paras Paros”, which means togetherness in Balinese. All performances during the festival will adopt the theme concept.

The Arts Festival will be highlighted by a large variety of Balinese performing arts, including shadow
puppets, gong kebyar, jogged bumbung and rare dances and theatrical performances.

In addition to traditional arts, the festival will also feature modern and contemporary arts, including a pop music concert, a modern theater competition, painting exhibitions, discussions and seminars.

The opening ceremony will start with a cultural parade along the main streets of Renon on the afternoon of June 11.

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