Thursday, May 16, 2013


Gamelan is the music played throughout Bali to accompany dance performances and other arts and rituals of the Balinese. The music is based on five-tone scale and is charterized by brillians sounds, syncopations and sudden and gradual changes in sound color. dynamics, tempo and articulations.

Balinese Gamelan consist of several metallpohone instruments, generally called Gansa. These instruments are tuned tothepentatonic scale and vary in tempo and playedover and over in rounds. The Balinese also use a Gong, a percussion instrument consisting of a disc , often made of bronze. This gong controls the tempo of the music.

There is also a cylindrical, double-headed drum called a Kendang. In Gong Kebyar , there will be two Kendangs, played at the same time, with major and minor tones.

Finally there isthe Cengceng, a set up of six cymbals mounted on wood and struck with a cymbal held in each hand.

One one of Bali's most Famous Gamelan groups is SemaraRatih

Jim Cramer, the owner of Bali Advisor, dances Topeng with the gamelan when he is in Bali

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