Friday, April 15, 2011

Travel In Bali: What Is Appropriate Temple Etiquette

When traveling in Bali you will undoubtedly be visiting one of the many beautiful temples on the islands.  Many travelers wonder what is appropriate temple etiquette and what should they wear when visiting a temple.  These are important questions and with the right information your visit to a Balinese temple will be a beautiful experience because the local people will be moved by your respect.

Here are some rules that have to be observed by the visitors in visiting a temple in Bali. 

1. You must dress decently for temple visits, which means a sarong and sash. If you don’t have a sarong, at least wear long pants for men and women a dress that covers knees and shoulders for women (or a skirt with a blouse, etc).  At most temples there is a donation box with a book for registering at the entrance. You should always put a donation in the box. A couple dollars in rupiah. I always give my tour members sarongs and sashes when they arrive in Bali
2. Do not climb onto the temple buildings or walls.

3. Do not stand or sit higher than a priest.

4. Do not stand directly in front of the priest, or walk in front of the kneeling congregation. You must also not remain standing when people kneel to pray.

5. If people are praying, avoid getting between them and direction in which they are praying.

6. Use camera with discretion. Do not uses flash when the devotees are praying, it will be better not to use flash at all.

7. By ancient law, menstruating women are banned from the temples, due to general sanction against blood in holy area same prohibition applies to people with open wound.

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