Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting Married? Prenuptials in Paradise May Be Right For You

Mandi Lulur means a "lulur bath" and comes from the island of Java.  Traditionally it was reserved for prenuptial ceremonies. This exfoliation and body polishing treatment is now famous in Bali for everyone. The health practitioner makes a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, ground nuts, rice and other scented woods. The paste is then painted on the body which exfoliates the body during the time it is left to dry. The dried paste is then gently rubbed off, which polishes and exfoliates the skin. This treatment is followed by a hot shower and then a yogurt mix is wiped over the body restoring balance to the skin. The treatment is completed with a warm bath filled with scented flowers. 

Sigh. Well even if you're not getting married, contact us for recommendation for authentic, family owned spas.

If getting married is in your plans, consider Bali.  We can help you with the details.

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