Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bali Flight Cost

Low Cost Airfares to Bali

We are able to offer the lowest cost airfares because we buy our air from consolidators who purchase tickets at a bulk rate and we pass that rate on to you.
Why purchase your ticket from Bali Advisor?
  • Low airfares with free expert travel advice
  • Minimal change and cancellation fees
  • 24 hour help line with airfare changes or land arrangements while in Bali
My rates are often lower than other internet rates. I have received many phone calls from stressed out travelers who booked online, needed to make changes, but found it difficult or nearly impossible through their online booking engine. If you book your air through Bali Advisor you are supported by a 24 hour help line to guide you every step of the way.
We update our airfares to Bali often as they change from season to season and as we receive promotional offers from the airlines.
Call us 707-566-8078 or email
These are the LOWEST AIRFARES currently available from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle to Bali. Email me for available fares from other cities.

LOW Season fares to Bali:

Now until the end of May is considered shoulder season and low airfares to Bali can still be found if you wish to travel before June. Contact me and we can search for affordable flights for you.
The Low Season runs from Sept. 1st to June 1st (excluding Christmas). You can cancel or change your itinerary with minimum penalty. All fares are before taxes and fuel surcharges. Ask about Evergreen Deluxe Class.
Price for travel dates of September 5 - November 30, 2011
  • China air $790
  • EVA Air - $880
  • Korean Air $860
  • Cathay Pacific Air via Hong Kong - $950
  • Singapore - $840

High Season fares to Bali:

The high season, or most popular time to visit Bali, is June thru August and December 15th thru January 1st. Word of advice! If you travel during June/July/August the fares are a bit lower for August travel.
  • EVA Air - $1289 includes tax - Ask about Evergreen Deluxe Class
  • Korean air $1167
  • Cathay Pacific Air via Hong Kong - $1289
  • China Air - $1189
  • Singapore air $1349
Bali's airport code is listed as DPS (Denpasar), the name of the island's capital. Flying to Bali from the United States can be an adventure in itself. It is around 14-15 hours to your gateway city in Asia (Hong Kong, Taipei), a short connection and then a 4-5 hour flight to Bali. On your return flight from Bali, I recommend you spend a few days exploring the gateway city if time permits. For the lucky ones who live closer to Bali it is only a few hours flight right into the isle of the gods.
Add-on Airfares available from most major US cities. Additional stopovers, on allowed routing, available for a small charge per stop.
Children's Discounts available.
No Fares are guaranteed until ticketed.


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